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What Causes Dark Eye Circles? Prevention and Treatment In Malaysia

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Dark eye circles are a common problem, but they don't have to be. These often contributed to unwanted comments of how tired an individual looks. Dark eye circles are not always present due to lack of rest or sleep.

Dark Eye Circles treatment in malaysia
Dark Eye Circles

When you are healthy, you will have a natural glow to your skin and the veins beneath your eyes won't stand out as much. If you notice dark eye circles forming under your eyes, it could mean that one of these things is going on.

Here are some of the most common causes of dark circles and how you can prevent or treat them.

Dark Eye Circles Due To Fatigue

Lack of rest or staying up late can cause dark circles to form under your eyes. Sleep deprivation can cause your skin to become dull and paler. The dark tissues and blood vessels beneath your skin can start to show.

Dark Eye Circles Due To Age

Natural aging is a common reason for dark eye circles. It is a general knowledge that, as we grow older, our skin becomes thinner. The same happens for the skin around the eyes. As we age, the skin becomes thinner around the eyes as well as the fat tissue and collagen. When this happens, the dark blood vessels beneath the skin become more visible, causing the area below the eyes to darken, thus dark eye circles becoming more prominent.

Dark Eye Circles Due To Genetics

Dark eye circles can be inherited. If most of your family members have dark eye circles, it will be very likely that you will get it sooner or later. Dark eye circles that is due to genetics are commonly found in a young person, as early as seen in childhood, which can get worse over time.

Dark Eye Circles Due To Eyestrain

Spending long hours staring at television or computer screen can cause strain on our eyes, whether we realise it or not. This strain will enlarge the blood vessels around your eyes, resulting the skin around our eyes to darken.

Dark Eye Circles treatment in malaysia
Dark Eye Circles Due To Eyestrain

Dark Eye Circles Due To Allergies

Have you ever noticed people who chronically have nose or sinus congestion have dark eye circles too? This is a medical condition and it even has a name to it, allergic shiners. Allergic shiners are dark eye circles caused by congestion of the nose and sinuses.

Dark Eye Circles Due To Dehydration

Dehydration is a common cause of dark eye circles. When body is dehydrated, the skin around the eyes are one of the first to lose its moisture. That is why dark eye circles look more prominent for a person who is not well hydrated or is sickly.

If you have dark circles under your eyes, you may be wondering if they can be removed forever.

Temporary Measures To Dark Eye Circles

  1. Get enough rest

  2. Apply cold packs. Applying cold packs under the eyes will shrink these blood vessels temporarily. The elevated result is short lived.

  3. Stay hydrated. If dehydration is the cause of your dark eye circles, improving your body hydration will likely improve your eye dark eye circles appearance.

  4. Eye creams and eye serum. Eye creams and eye serums are responsible to provide hydration to the skin around the eyes. It is necessary to use it every day to maintain good skin moisture.

While there are some temporary measures for reducing the appearance of dark eye circles, a more permanent solution is to seek medical treatments to reduce the appearance of dark eye circles.

Medical Treatments For Dark Eye Circles

For a more permanent option, medical treatments are available to reduce the appearance of dark eye circles.

Some medical treatments used for reducing dark eye circles include:

1. Chemical peels

2. Lasers to resurface the skin and enhance skin tightening. There are a number of lasers that can enhance skin elasticity around the eyes.

3. Skin hydration booster. This is a wonderful treatment whereby the eyes are instantaneously hydrated within the moment the dark eye circles are treated. The skin around the eyes plumps up to give a natural skin glow and fine lines around the eyes are erased.

4. Dermal filler. Filler treatment is another wonderful treatment for dark eye circles. The dermal fillers provide volume and hydration to the dark eye circles. Dark eye circles are sagging tear troughs and are generally caused by thin skin volume beneath the eyes. When dark eye circles are treated with dermal filler, it restores the amount of volume beneath the eyes to erase the appearance of dark circles.

Dark Eye Circles treatment in malaysia
Dark Eye Circles With Dermal Filler

Dark Eye Circles treatment in malaysia
Dark Eye Circles Treatment at Dr Jane Clinic

It is necessary to consult a Doctor to get the right diagnosis and treatment choice.


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