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What is Pico Laser Treatment?

Pico Laser For Acne Scar, Pigmentations, Birthmark & Tattoo Removal

Discovery Pico is a non invasive, non surgical treatment to improve pigmentations, scarring and even removal of tattoos and birthmarks.

Discovery Pico Laser is the most advanced medical laser technology available. Discovery Pico Laser improves skin imperfections with minimal to none down time, resulting in a noticeable long lasting skin improvement.

How Long Does Pico Laser Take To Work?

Short answer : 1 to 3 weeks

Long answer : When skin is treated by Pico Laser, skin immediately responds to the laser. Giving you a more radiant and even skin tone, most people will notice this improvement immediately. 

For particular concerns such as pigmentations/dark spots or acne scarring/open pores, individuals will notice the improvement within the next 1 to 3 weeks after Pico Laser treatment. This is the optimal body’s natural healing process to be established.

Pico Laser: About

How Does Pico Laser Work?

Discovery Pico Laser at Dr Jane Clinic_e

Picosecond Photoacoustic Effect

Pico Laser is a super fast and uses high energy to remove pigmentations, while promoting the production of elastin and collagen.

This is the photoacoustic effect.

Discovery Pico generates pure photoacoustic effect leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed. 

Pico Laser travels in Picosecond, which means it travels 1000 time faster compares to previous generation laser such as Q Switch/Nanosecond Laser. This is important because Nanosecond Laser uses photomechanical action that generates high temperatures to target skin concern.

High temperature means more risk for side effects.

Pico Laser: Projects

Before & After Result of Discovery Pico Laser

Before & After Discovery Pico Laser

Before & After Discovery Pico Laser

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Is Pico Laser safe?


Discovery Pico Laser treatments are specific on the skin concern, which means risk of damage is minimised. For this reason, Discovery Pico Laser is extremely safe and can be applied to any area of the face and body.

Benefits of Discovery Pico Laser

  • Discovery Pico Laser improves skin dark spots/pigmentations and acne scarring/pores in fewer sessions than other laser technologies. See improvement even after a treatment.

  • Discovery Pico Laser does not cause skin thinning or skin sensitivity.

  • Discovery Pico Laser treatments only take between 15 to 30 minutes depending on skin concern.

  • Discovery Pico Laser treatments for pigmentations do not demand down time. Pico Laser treatments for acne scarring will have minimal down time of few days. It is the shortest and most insignificant down time in the line of laser treatment for acne scarring. Most individuals do not mind socialising with Discovery Pico down time.

How Do I Choose Which Pico Laser Treatment?

There are many clinics, even beauty spas that offer Pico Laser treatment.

The important thing, you need to know, the effectiveness depends on the experience and knowledge of the treating Doctor, in addition to - the genuine, most effective Pico Laser machine.

Pico Laser: Services

Discovery Pico Laser

The Choice of Laser Treatment For

Pico has unique fractional handpiece that improves skin texture such in case acne scars
Image by Chermiti Mohamed
Discovery Pico is the gold standard laser treatment to remove unwanted tattoos and birthmarks

Freckles & Sunspot

Tattoo Removal

Acne Scarring

Pores Reduction

Enlarged pores


Birthmark Removal

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Pico Laser: Services

Signature Treatments

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  • Rejuvenation

  • Brightening

  • Glow

  • Non Surgical Face Lift

  • Instant Lift

  • Face & Nose Thread Lift

  • Non Invasive Face Lift

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  • Facial Rejuvenation

  • Non Invasive Face & Neck Lift

  • Gold Standard Face Lift

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