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PRP Treatment In Malaysia

Platelet rich plasma, or PRP, is a procedure in which the doctor injects patients with their own blood that has been treated to concentrate platelets in the plasma. PRP is used to support tissue regeneration. They contain growth factors that can trigger cell reproduction and stimulate tissue regeneration or healing in the treated area. Platelet-rich plasma is simply blood that contains more platelets than normal.

PRP is also popularly known as Vampire Facial Treatment or Vampire Treatment.


What is the advantage of PRP treatment?

  1. Increased collagen production

  2. Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

  3. Improved skin moisture support

  4. Improved skin barrier function

  5. Enhanced skin tone and skin texture

  6. No chance for an allergic reaction because the plasma is from your own body

PRP treatment includes a three step process utilizing platelet rich plasma from your blood to energize new cell development.

PRP treatment isn't new. PRP has been utilized for quite a long time to treat muscle, ligament and tendon wounds. As of late, it has turned into a well known and viable corrective treatment.

What Is PRP Treatment For?

PRP is suitable for everyone, especially individuals who have dry and dehydrated skin. PRP can boost skin moisture. PRP is also suitable for individuals who want to improve or reverse signs of aging naturally using individual's own platelet. PRP is also known as a treatment choice for skin scarring.

PRP is also suitable for individuals who is experiencing hair loss problem.

Before and After Surgery

Am I A Suitable Candidate For Hair Loss Treatment With PRP?

PRP injections trigger natural hair growth and maintain it by increasing blood supply to the hair follicle and increasing the thickness of the hair shaft. Using PRP to treat hair loss works best on more youthful people who address their condition right on time, while hair follicles are still abundant. Hair follicles can bite the dust because of advanced age, poor care, ailment and different other reasons.

In the event that you are a weighty smoker, take blood thinners, or have an ailment like malignant growth, liver illness, diabetes, constant diseases, or low platelet count, PRP treatment may not be reasonable for you. Always consult a Doctor prior to treatment.

Prp treatment for hair loss
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