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The Importance Of Exfoliation | Apply These 5 Secret Techniques To Improve

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Importance Of Exfoliation
The Importance of Exfoliation

You may be cleansing, moisturising and slathering on the sunblock every day. It is time to introduce exfoliation into your daily skin care regime. Our skin is working day and night as we age, it is so important for extra skin care by simply exfoliating dead skin cells to get healthier, glowing skin.

As we age, our skin cell turnover starts to slow down, leaving excess dead cells on the surface thus creating dull skin. Exfoliation refers to the removal of the dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. There are 2 types of skin exfoliation that can be done at home.

This is generally popular and commonly known as scrub. Exfoliation is performed mechanically, by using abrasive scrubs with small to micro granules or even with a cleansing brush. It is important to choose the right kind of physical exfoliator and care should be taken to not overdo it to prevent damage to the skin.

This type of exfoliation is by using low concentration of acid to remove dead skin cells. There are a couple types of acid concentration that is widely available in stores, more commonly found are AHA (alpha hydroxic acid) and BHA (beta hydroxic acid).

AHAs are derived from natural substances and are ideal for exfoliating dry skin. However AHAs are water soluble, can not penetrate very deep into pores. Unlike BHAs, are oil-soluble molecules. Thus, BHAs can reach deeper into the skin and pores. BHAs also have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which is ideal for acne prone or oil skin.

It is not hard and fast rule to only use one type of acid for exfoliation. There are many different brands in the market with different acid formulation that targets different type of skin issues while improving skin condition.

What are the benefits of exfoliation?

  • To rid skin of dullness

  • To improve rough appearance or texture

  • To treat and prevent acne or other breakouts

  • To improve discoloration or uneven skin tone

  • Remove sun and age spots

  • Improve signs of ageing

If you want healthy, glowing skin, regular exfoliation is a must. Take good care of your skin and let your skin shine through. Contact us to find out more.

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