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Slender Legs | Slim Legs With Botox Treatment In Malaysia

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Slender Legs
Leg Contouring With One Easy Botox Treatment

Calf reduction is often desirable by women with large muscular calves. Neurotoxin/Botox is used to slim the calves. Some even sought to correct asymmetry between them. Neurotoxin calf reduction is a non surgical aesthetic procedure in which multiple neurotoxin/botox treatments are administered on lower legs area.

This results in reducing the activity of calf muscle which causes it to relax. Neurotoxin calf reduction treatments require multiple sessions over a few months to get the ideal result. Maintenance can be performed at depending on individual circumstances.

In the procedure of calf reduction using neurotoxin, certain muscles in the calves are selected to relax. When these muscles become inactive, they start to relax and progressively become smoother.

This results in the reduction of size of the calves. It is important to note that the regular calf functioning is not restricted and regular activities can be carried out.

Benefits of calf reduction non surgically:

1. Quick and easy procedure

2. No scarring

3. No recovery period

4. Reduction in the prominence and size of calf muscle

5. Non surgical treatment

Watch our short video below on how calves are treated with neurotoxin at Dr Jane Clinic.

Try it out to see the result. Contact us to find out more.


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