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Non Surgical Fat Reduction In Malaysia | Best Techniques

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Drop dress size, non surgical fat reduction
Non Surgical Fat Reduction - Drop a Dress Size

Thanks to new technologies, it is now possible to reduce stubborn fat deposits and improve body contours without surgery, scars or recovery time. Non surgical fat reduction and minimally invasive options for fat reduction include technology that uses heat, cooling or an injected medication to reduce fat cells.

While none of these treatments are a replacement for liposuction, non surgical fat reduction treatments provide options for patients unwilling or unable to undergo surgery.

Among the procedures that comprise non surgical fat reduction are Onda CoolwavesTM technology, CoolTech Define Cryolipolysis and mesolipo (injection that "melts" fat tissue).

Benefits of non-surgical fat reduction:

1. Little to no recovery time is required

2. No general anaesthesia, incisions or scars

3. Side effects are minimal for most patients

4. Gradual onset of result allows patients to be discreet about treatments

5. Results can last as long as a patient maintains his or her weight

Onda is the new device from Deka that harnesses smart microwave technology, CoolwavesTM for body contouring, for non surgical fat reduction as well as for skin tightening! It uses CoolwavesTM microwave energy to harness frequencies that target deeper layers, while keeping the skin cool and comfortable. Onda handpieces generate microwaves at 2.45GHz, a frequency that is preferentially absorbed by fat molecules.

CoolwavesTM energy penetrates deep, demolishing cell membranes of subcutaneous adipose cells to dissolve localised fat deposits. The lysate is eliminated by natural cellular metabolism (lipolysis).

Onda is effective on the body, in particular the trochanter area and abdomen. Whilst eliminating adipose cells, it also stimulates cellular metabolic processes and collagen production, reshaping the silhouette.

Cooltech Define is an exclusive cryoadipolysis device that allows four applicators to be used simultaneously. Its unique fat freezing technology and 360º cooling plaques produces superb results, so every patient will want to experience this efficient and reliable treatment.

Cryoadipolysis by CoolTech Define is a non invasive body contouring system that targets fat deposits by using controlled cooling over a prolonged period. The targeted fat deposits are removed by means of a cold treatment that causes apoptosis, which means cell death.

Dead fat cells will be naturally removed through body lymphatic system which takes about 10-12 weeks. The surrounding tissue does not respond to the cold treatment in the same way as fatty tissue, thus keeping skin and its surrounding tissue healthy and safe!

Cryolipolysis by CoolTech Define is safe and suitable for bulky AND small pockets of fat deposits.

This means a better result for every patients!

We can remove stubborn fat deposits and contour your body shape as your desire.

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