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Excessive Sweating. Causes And Treatment

Causes Of Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating is also known as hyperhydrosis. Excessive sweating can be categorised into 2 different category. Primary hyperhydrosis and secondary hyperhydrosis.

Primary hyperhydrosis is a condition of excessive sweating without underlying medical cause.

Secondary hyperhydrosis is a condition of excessive sweating due to other health condition, to name a few, fever, infectious diseases, hypoglycaemia and hyperthyroidism.

Lady applying deodorant
Constant Deodorant Application Does Not Stop Excessive Sweating Condition

What Is Excessive Sweating Signs?

Primary hyperhydrosis is a condition due to over activity of sweat glands causing over production of sweat. This usually affects the palms, soles of feet, underarms or armpits and sometimes may even affect the scalp or face.

Excessive sweating can range widely for each individual in their severity and impact on quality of life. Excessive sweating can be an every day challenge which disrupts an individual’s self perception and quality of life.

Excessive sweating for an individual may lead to:

  1. Body odour, due to bacteria infiltration on the sweaty area

  2. Body itching, due to sweat irritation

  3. Noticeable marks on clothing from the wet sweat patch, usually on underarm, shirt and socks

  4. Skin discolouration due to chronic excessive sweating

  5. Poor skin barrier due to constant damp and/or complication of chronic skin rubbing

Excessive sweating affects both side of body. This means it affects both underarms or both palms or soles. Excessive sweating does not go away without treatment.

Two hands palms
Excessive Sweating Affects Both Palms

Feet soles
Excessive Sweating Affects Both Soles

Excessive sweating condition does run in the family. If you have a parent or sibling who has this condition, you will be more likely to inherit this condition. More often than not, an individual may not be aware if this condition exist in his or her family, as this is can be an embarrassing topic that most people do not feel comfortable to discuss.

Can Excessive Sweating Be Cured?

Excessive sweating condition has no cure. But there is treatment to control and improve the condition.

A non invasive, non surgical treatment with neurotoxin, famous brand name Btx is an approved and certified treatment for excessive sweating condition.

Treatment with neurotoxin only takes less than an hour and the result can last up to 6 months.

How Is The Treatment For Excessive Sweating?

Neurotoxin contains botulinum toxin which works by blocking chemical in the body that activates sweat glands.

Neurotoxin alters the function of certain neurotransmitters. These are chemicals in the body that instruct the body to react in a certain way. Neurotoxin blocks the neurotransmitter that tells the sweat glands to activate, to control sweating in the injection area.

Describe To Me The Experience Of Excessive Sweating Treatment

Always have neurotoxin treatment for excessive sweating with a Doctor.

At Dr Jane Clinic, numbing cream is first applied on the affected excessive sweating area. Once the area is numbed, the numbing cream is removed, area is cleaned. Then neurotoxin is administered throughout the area.

Once the treatment is done, the treated area is cleaned again and a protective cream is applied. The whole procedure will take less than an hour.

The result can be expected within the next 2-4 days, though full result may be noticeable within 2 weeks.

Can I Prevent Excessive Sweating?

Primary hyperhydrosis cannot be prevented.

Who Should Get Neurotoxin For Excessive Sweating?

  1. Excessive sweating has negative impact on your life

  2. Excessive sweating causing you to shy away from activities and community

  3. Excessive sweating condition that has worsen over time

  4. People who has excessive sweating condition and wants to improve their quality of life

Neurotoxin Has A Poor Reputation, Is There Any Other Way To Treat Excessive Sweating?

Neurotoxin is a proven medicine that can treat excessive sweating condition without resorting to surgical procedure. Neurotoxin for excessive sweating has a success of reducing sweating up to 87% in a single treatment.

Besides, neurotoxin is a great product or a great medicine, when used wisely.

Do you have more questions regarding treatment for excessive sweating?



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