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Melasma | 6 Incredible Treatments For Melasma You Need To Know

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Melasma, also known As Mask of Pregnancy

Melasma is a common hyperpigmentation disorder that causes brown to grey patches on the skin primarily on the face. The most common areas for melasma to appear on the face include the bridge of the nose, forehead, cheeks and upper lip.

It is most likely to occur in young women and is more common in tropical climates where sun exposure is the norm. Melasma often appears in pregnancy, which has led to the names “mask of pregnancy” or “pregnancy mask.”

Women who take oral contraceptives (birth control pills) or hormone replacement therapy for menopause are more likely to develop melasma.

What are the options of melasma treatment?

1. Topical cream; most commonly includes hydroquinone. Always consult Doctors prior to treatment.

2. Chemical peel

3. Oral supplement or medications

4. Mesotherapy

Not everyone with melasma responds with equally to the same type treatment. Melasma is best targeted with multi different treatment approach.

The laser treatment of choice is Discovery Pico Laser. This is due to its ability to deliver high level laser energy in an incredibly brief amount of time to selectively target and shatter unwanted pigment lesions. Discovery Pico Laser with the highest peak power of 1.8GW in the market has seen remarkable result in treating melasma.

It is extremely important for anyone who had or has melasma to apply a good sunblock everyday to prevent or lessen the damage of UV Ray on the skin. We highly recommend our Dr Jane Skincare Skin Defense or Skin Defense Tinted, both are with SPF50 and PA +++

Contact us to make an appointment for consultation.

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